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Michael Kors Cyber Monday  created a rapid development of the “light of extravagance” myth, although this year the stock performance is poor, the current market value of the company is still close to $15000000000, beyond the history more long luxury brands Burberry, Tiffany and Coach, to the Prada. Michael Kors last year same store sales year-on-year increase of 26.2%, net sales increased Michael Kors Cyber Monday  51% year-on-year, up to $3170000000, net profit increased 66%, Michael Kors 2014 Black Friday to $660000000. So, who can copy the successful example of a Michael Kors, has recently become a hot topic in the global fashion industry Michael Kors 2014 Black Friday .
In the field of “light luxury”, America strength of a number of brands, such as Tory, Burch, Marc, Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Spade have to be eager for a fight, their success will be the brand personality Michael Kors Wallets Black Friday  and profitability in combination, into the growth of fast track, let the value of the company to promote considerably, has yet to be tested. The latest report published full-length WWD, this topic has made a relatively clear carding: Michael Kors Thanksgiving Sale  the myth of the achievement is not accidental, Michael Kors Thanksgiving Day widely influential personality charm, design style of the designer, and various think tanks, including Huiyanshizhu Michael Kors Wallets Black Friday  investor Lawrence Stroll, Cao Qifeng and CEO John Idol strategist.
Ten years ago, Michael Kors was on the verge of bankruptcy, the White Knight Lawrence Stroll and Cao Qifeng timely appear, Cyber Monday Michael Kors 2014 as the brand’s long-term development planning a route, and a collection of the following elements: experience, winning the initiative Genius: Lawrence Stroll and Cao Qifeng had in the last century 90’s Tommy Hilfiger brand success played an important role in and Idol is a shrewd executive, once in Ralph Lauren, Cyber Monday Michael Kors 2014 Donna Karan and other work Michael Kors Thanksgiving Day .
Increase exposure mainstream serious: Kors years in the fashion industry established a good reputation, and is deeply rooted in the American tradition of fashion, but what really made him famous and popular reality Michael Kors Thanksgiving Sale  show “Project Runway is an opportunity”. Do high-end, unique fashion brand, at the same time we will also meet the tastes of the public style. Brand only do “democracy” to sell.