Heyy.. Happy New Year :)

This is gonna be super awesome. I could feel that.. ( don’t ask me why ) but i really do. First of all, i am purchasing a new home this year. Yeah, a brand new home close enough to NY. And also i am planning to build my very own studio. ( For the people who don’t know, i am into art and music stuff too ) and therefore i think this is going to be a super cool year for me.

Next, i am also happy that this year my daughter is going to graduate from college. How much proud would i be to see her graduating.

Another reason why i am looking forward to this year is that i am starting my very own online business. Everyone’s starting one and i know the possibilities are endless.. Almost everyone could learn online marketing and get his share of the pie from the internet. I mean it’s easy and you don’t even need a degree for all this. Seriously!

Many kids are on to this. One example is the site i recently visited called source wave. I mean that guy probably make around 1 mill each year. ( perhaps more ) – All he is doing is making bunch of reasonably good sites and doing something called SEO ( something do to with google ranking sites ) I recently purchased a course from Udemy.com which is about SEO. Haven’t started the course yet, but i am gonna start it soon.

Whats up with your life? Leave a comment below to share is with others.

Thanks for coming to my site.

Dixon, Don Dixon.. ( Lol, i just said that in james bond style ) 😛

I Dream About This Day & Night… I Swear… VENICE

My Dream Place: VENICE.. It’s my wish to visit the sexiest place every with my girlfriend. I am saving for like 2 years now and perhaps i’d need another year or so to finally visit.

This is called “Piazza San Marco” – St Mark’s Square in english. It is a square of Venice. Constructed somewhere in 900.

Check out some other sexy places there. It is just amazing…

A Sunset in Venice…

Another View of the place..


I think venice is one of the place where everyone should visit once in their lifetime.


My First Ever Blog Post on Any Blog… Yayy!

Hi, my name is Don Dickson ( I like the Dixon Version ) I just purchased my very first domain name and create my very first site. The reason why i started this site was to get familiar with the internet space. I think sharing your stories, experiences with the world is amazing. I am an extrovert, i talk a lot and i want my voice to be heard by other.

Having said that all, i started my blog.

What i am gonna share is what i would feel and experience. – Mostly Random. I like photography. – and that is why i am gonna share breathtaking photos via this blog.

Anyways, i don’t want my very first blog post to be very long so i am gonna end this post by saying.

“When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.” ~Jackson Pollock

Take Care ya all! :)

P.S I hope you keep visiting my blog…